Hope Rescue Mission
Christianity at Work
Hope Rescue Mission is decidedly evangelical as we seek to reach the lost; however, we believe in unity in the essentials of the evangelical tradition but charity in those issues which tend to divide rather than unify the Body of Christ. Like all evangelical missions organizations, we take very seriously the Great Commission which commands us go to Jerusalem, Judea and the ends of the earth. Reading and Berks County is our mission field, and we will follow the Lord's commandment to reach the lost right here in our own community.
Men come to us seeking food, clothing and shelter to be sure, but they also seek a deeper meaning in their lives. And lives have been changed because of our faithfulness to His direction and according to His Word. We've always done according to His will and will continue, with your prayers, to do just that as long as He blesses this ministry.
Alcoholics and drug addicts have come to know the Lord and have turned their lives around. Men down on their fortunes have sought better lives and a way out of debt and despair. Those with past criminal records find solace and acceptance here. We want to make sure that we are the port in the storm they seek, in their spiritual lives especially.
Hope Rescue Mission
645 North Sixth Street • Reading, PA 19601
Phone (610) 375-4224 • E-Mail hopeforreading@gmail.com